Efficient Inventory Management for Tradespeople

The FuV App streamlines tool and material management in your company vehicle, offering timely notifications for any missing items, allowing you to stay organized and focused on your tasks for maximum efficiency throughout the day.

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As a tradesperson, it is often a challenge to keep all the necessary materials and tools in the company vehicle. Important items are sometimes missing, leading to loss of time, additional costs, and stress. It is frustrating to only realize something is missing when already on the construction site, such as dowels, cordless angle grinders, or drills.


The FuV App provides a solution to this problem. The app allows tradespeople to manage their inventory in the company vehicle and receive notifications when something is missing. By simply marking missing items in the app, it ensures that they can be replenished in time. The app offers a clear representation of the current inventory and makes it easy for every employee to keep track.


By using the FuV App, work processes are made more efficient, and unnecessary delays are avoided. Employees can rely on having all the necessary materials and tools at hand, which increases productivity and enhances customer satisfaction. The ability to make individual settings for notifications enables flexible use of the app, adapting to the needs of each user.

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