Adpueros Revolutionizes Live Event Experiences with the WgW App

Adpueros, the company behind the WgW (Where goes What?) app, had the vision to transform the live event industry and bring the excitement of live experiences directly to users' fingertips. The app aimed to simplify event discovery, ticket booking, and event creation while fostering a vibrant community of event enthusiasts. In this case study, you will learn how we helped Adpueros achieve these goals.

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The live event industry was characterized by complex, time-consuming processes in event discovery and ticket booking. Adpueros faced the challenge of simplifying processes and creating a platform that provides users with a seamless experience. At the same time, it should foster an active community of event enthusiasts. This is where Welp-IT comes into play.


Welp-IT developed the WgW app, which revolutionized event discovery. Users can now easily find events nearby, book tickets, and even create their own events. The user-friendly interface and integration of secure payment methods ensure stress-free ticket booking and easy access to e-tickets.


The WgW app has fundamentally changed the way people experience live events. Users can discover and attend events more easily, organizers can create and manage events effortlessly, and the event community is more closely connected than ever before. The app has democratized the live event industry and made the joy of events accessible to everyone. We are proud to have supported Adpueros in realizing their vision.

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