The Hofflohmarkt-Finder - Simplifying Yard Sales in Germany

The Hofflohmarkt-Finder is an innovative platform specializing in the organization and display of yard sales (Hofflohmärkte) in all German cities. With a user-friendly website, an intuitive search function, and location-based search, the Hofflohmarkt-Finder has made yard sales more attractive for both organizers and visitors. In this case study, we will examine how we helped Hofflohmarkt-Finder achieve these goals.

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Before the introduction of the Hofflohmarkt-Finder, organizing and promoting yard sales (Hofflohmärkte) was a time-consuming and tedious task. Organizers struggled to effectively promote their markets, while visitors had difficulty finding information about yard sales in their area. The challenge was to create a solution that simplifies the organization of yard sales and increases visibility for both organizers and visitors.


We developed a user-friendly website for the Hofflohmarkt-Finder, allowing organizers to register and promote their yard sales in just a few steps. The platform displays all registered yard sales for each German city and selected dates on an interactive map. Visitors can easily search by their city or district and view all available yard sales for specific dates.


The Hofflohmarkt-Finder has significantly simplified the organization of yard sales in Germany. Organizers can easily register and promote their markets, leading to increased visibility and participation. Visitors can effortlessly find the locations of all registered yard sales for selected dates in their city without having to conduct tedious research. The platform has made yard sales more accessible for both organizers and visitors alike. The Hofflohmarkt-Finder has contributed to promoting yard sales in Germany and making them a popular tradition in many cities.

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